Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation Dalian Minzu University
Designer xuzhe, CongTian, Chengdonglin
English Tape is one of the tools that people often use. However, the function of the recent tape has some limitations, which couldn’t satisfy specific needs of the application. “Two-Way Box Buler” is a tape measure that can simultaneously pull isometric scale at two ends. This special design could give the users more convenience and more Advantages: 1. could quickly and accurately find the midpoint of the measured object; 2. could easily measure the scale of the higher object; 3. could easily and accurately measure the inside distance of the concave space.
Native 卷尺是人们经常应用的工具之一,但目前的卷尺功能有一定局限,不能满足应用中的特殊需求。“双头卷尺”是一款两端能够同时拉出等长刻度尺的卷尺,这种特殊的设计能给使用者带来更多便利,有更多优势:1、可以快速准确的找到所测对象的中点;2、能够轻松测量较高物体的尺度;3、能够便捷准确的测量内凹空间的内部距离
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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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