Two drops

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation Lanzhou University of Technology
Designer He Lujun, WanDanyang
English In order to avoid the excessive use and cross infection occurring by using eyedrops, we design this product with disposable capsule. The modelling of glasses helps to avoid the confusion with other capsule drugs. It can be used by simply folding and extruding. It is convenient and sanitary for its use and also portable.
Native 为了避免眼药水使用过程中出现的过量使用和交叉性感染,我们采用一次性胶囊的方式来设计这款产品,酷似眼镜的造型避免了与其他胶囊药物混淆的可能,只需要简单折叠挤压即可使用,使用过程中方便、卫生,可随身携带。
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