Extra Form
Country Japan
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation SYRINX
English TSUTUMU Card Case was based on the Japanese culture of wrapping valued items carefully, such as furoshiki. It is made by folding a piece of leather – beautifully, like origami – without using a single piece of fastening material. TSUTUMU is designed to gently wrap your valuable business cards. A semicircular cutout can be felt under the cover without looking, so you can quickly and smoothly remove your card from the case without looking down. The soft and pleasant texture of the leather becomes better and richer as it ages. It is a palm-size masterpiece that looks stylish in business situations while also expressing users' elegance.
Native 風呂敷・袱紗(ふくさ)・熨斗袋(のしぶくろ)など、大切なものを丁寧に「包む」日本文化から生まれたカードケース「TSUTSUMU Card Case(ツツム カード ケース)」。上質な1 枚の革を、折り紙のように美しく折り重ね、留め具を一切使わずに仕上げた。自分や大切な相手の名刺を、優しく包みこむデザインとなっている。名刺取り出し用の半円型の切り欠きがフタの上から手触りでわかるため、相手から目線を外さずにすばやくカードケースの開閉が可能。手にしっとりと吸い付くような柔らかい革は、使えば使うほどより味わい深い色に変化する。ビジネスシーンでスマートさを際立たせるだけではなく、使う人の品格を手のひらサイズで伝えてくれる一品。
Interview http://www.designsori.com/1134636
Website http://syrinx.shop-pro.jp/?pid=113624899
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