Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Award Winner
Client PHYCOS International Co., Ltd.
Affiliation Process Ltd.
Designer Xinhong Yeh
English PHYCOS International Co., Ltd. is a renowned business consulting company, offering prospective strategies and suggestions. Based on PHYCOS’ brand personality and value, we work with PHYCOS to define the concept of “arrowhead” for its unique corporate image as leading people in the right direction, helping each other, yet thinking and performing in adventurous and groundbreaking way. With the brand design elements, a clear brand philosophy is delivered through a series of consistent visual identity that are applied to office stationery, publications, interior design etc..
Native 宇智是國內知名的商業顧問諮詢公司,並提供顧客前瞻性的策略及建議。我們依據品牌價值與性格,以「箭頭」為概念,打造以引導正確方向,彼此互持,但具前衛、突破性的思考及表現,展現出別於業內獨特之企業形象。透過獨特的品牌設計元素,並搭配著一系列視覺識別的一致性變化,包括公司的信箋、出版物以及室內設計等,清楚地傳達宇智的品牌精神。
Website http://process-group.com/zh-tw/
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