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Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation white interior design
English Burgers have long since held a special place in our hearts as the epitomic fast food item. This iconic meat patty sandwich was created in the United States at the end of the 19th century, and has since been evolving and diversifying in style and taste. Such departures from the traditional perception of burger culture have been incorporated into the design of this eatery. The interior designer uses soft color schemes, infused with a certain Korean cosmetic flair, to give this burger joint its eye-catching modern look. Every nook and cranny is an avant-garde expression that revitalizes the work-weary after an exhausting week.
Native 相信漢堡早就成為人們心目中關於美式快餐的代表作,而這個在19世紀末才於美國本土發明的食物如今有著無窮無盡的新形式和新口味。設計師顛覆傳統,以韓系粉嫩色彩,翻轉傳統印象,室內空間豐富多彩的設計展現出時髦漢堡店最新形象,每一個角落都能發現許多傳統之外的藝術表現,刺激著一整週工作後疲倦的心靈。 因應既有空間條件,以及無法更動地坪的限制,以紐約地鐵月台作為設計概念發想,讓戶外、室內用餐的客戶,透過銅色門片,進一步延伸了餐廳的邊界。光面玻璃與菱形切割鏡子的搭配使用不僅能夠在視覺上留有更多空間,也為室內帶來了更加充足的自然光和室外視野。
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