Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation PhoebeSayswow Architects Ltd.
Designer Shihhhwa Hung, Phoebewen
English Our modest site(60sqm) is located on the second floor of one of the many identical townhouses in Taipei city. Although compact with rather limited programs inside, various design details can be found in a hand cast white concrete bar counter, fabricated fine metal mesh screen and door panels, solid pine parquet forming interesting graphic and precise assembly of perforated front screen serving energy saving purpose with an eye-catching logo. All these under a calm and inspiring sheet of white wash, which conveys our pursue of consistency and concise design language.
Native 藏身安和路巷子民宅2樓20坪的小空間,基地狹長,天花高度亦有限,在這條件下,我們以顏色與材質加上數位製作打造俐落且具質感的創作空間。 特別調製的白色加上俐落的陳設,讓空間中有視覺延伸的效果,亦有助工作時精神的提升與專注。白色的完成面底下 ,我們投入密集的設計與製作來形成空間中的元素 :實木特殊裁切的地板,特殊金屬網面的隔間與門片,慎選材料澆灌而出的白色水泥流理檯面,數位網點雷射切割logo的金屬隔屏,讓燈火通明的工作室成為自己最顯著的招牌。再輔以特別挑選的白色活動書架與配件。白色的驚艷來自對細節及工藝貫徹的堅持。
Website http://www.phoebesayswow.com
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