Extra Form
Country Japan
Year 2018
Award Winner
Client NISHIMURA Precision CO.,LTD
Affiliation NISHIMURA Precision CO.,LTD
Designer Miyako Saito, Satoshi Waki
English Paperglass is an eyewear which folds flat like an origami; but unfolded, it reveals a sophisticated curve that is calculated to fit comfortably on a persons’ head. Its lenses are slightly slanted to allow wearers to see things in front of them with ease. Finally, a pair of glasses that folds flat with good portability and toughness. Paperglass which specializes in Reading glasses, will evolve from a simple tool into a fashion statement. It provides richer life, which give you fun to read.
Native 収納しやすく、機能的で美しい老眼鏡。 老眼鏡という単なる読むために道具としてではなく、装いとして進化し、より豊かなリーディングライフを提供します。
Website http://www.paperglass.jp
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