Extra Form
Country China
Year 2017
Affiliation School of Design , Dalian Minzu University
Designer Jiale Hou, Yu Chen, Haonan Xi, Yue Wang, Kun Xu
English When fire occurs, people often cannot escape on time due to the fire, smoke and other risk factors. When the firefighters rescue the trapped people, they also have to face the risk of death. Hope Of Life is designed to solve this problem, stretched into the inside of the fire by using a telescopic structure and building a safe passage quickly. The outer layer of the passage has good scalability, made of fireproof material. Commander only needs to control it by remote control operation away from the fire, greatly reducing the possibility of secondary casualties.
Native 当火灾发生时,由于火势及浓烟等危险因素,人们往往不能及时逃生。并且消防员在营救被困群众时,需要冒着极大的生命危险,只身进入火场进行救援。Hope Of Life则是针对这一问题所设计,利用可伸缩结构进入火场内部,快速搭建出安全通道。通道外层具有良好的伸缩性,由防火材料制成,指挥人员只需在火场外通过遥控操作来控制,大大降低了火灾时二次伤亡的可能性。
Website www.dlnu.edu.cn
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