New Barricade

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2017
Affiliation School of Design , Dalian Minzu University
Designer Anran Xuan, Mingzhe Li, Chenyuan Zhao, Xuan Wang, Song Qiao
English The barricade is an auxiliary tool used in the maintenance of public facilities or in the construction of roads. It reminds pedestrians to be careful. The New Barricade biggest characteristic is integration of many barricades into one. Ten barricades are joined together by folding. The form of one barricade standing alone has been changed. In this way, the barricade is easy to store and can be used as a road sign. Before the construction, the New Barricade can help the workers quickly and easily plan out the scope of construction. And its position will not change during construction. It can be conveniently folded up after construction.
Native 路障和路牌作为公共设施和道路修建的辅助工具,提醒着过路的人们要小心警惕。但目前市面上的路障形式单一,且在施工时存在很多弊端。而新型路障最大的特点就是将路障设施完整化。通过折叠的方式将十个路障连接在一起,改变了之前单个独立的存在形式,便于收纳,并可以起到路牌的作用。新形势的路障在施工前能既省力又快速的规划出施工范围,施工时保持位置不变,施工完成后又方便收起。
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