Extra Form
Country China
Year 2017
Affiliation Tongji University
Designer Yimu Yang
English When night falls, the homeless tramps are always curling up in corners of the city, hidden in the dark. Home is where your heart is. In order to give the homeless care and dignity that they deserve, we designed a place as their temporary accommodation with some privacy. At the same time, they are protected from high wind and heavy rain. The shelter we designed has a foldable structure. When the user opens it, it will automatically form a 1.5-meter-radius half-circle with inside space lit up.This foldable home will give them love and warmth and help them fend off the coldness and contempt and embrace care and respect.
Native 每当夜幕降临,流浪汉们便会蜷缩在城市的角落里,隐藏于黑暗中。家在哪里心就应该在哪里。为了给于流浪汉关怀与尊重,我们设计了一个私人的临时住所。与此同时,他们还可以免受风雨的侵扰。这个住所设计成可折叠的结构。当使用者打开时,它便会形成一个半圆的结构,里面的灯也会随之点亮。可折叠式的家不仅会给予他们一种温暖,关怀,也会帮助他们远离寒冷,让他们得到应有的尊重。
Website https://www.instagram.com/yimo1021/
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