Forest Eye

Extra Form
Country Indonesia
Year 2017
Affiliation Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Designer Sangmin Bae, Anthony Wilson
English Wildfire can double in size every five minutes. Therefore, early detection is crucial to avoid big deforestation in developing countries. The current system detects narrowly and requires costly instalment due to geographical constraints. Through its portable modular system, Forest Eye can be installed anywhere in the forest easily. It is composed of two main parts including its ground base with helium gas tank and the airborne component which detects wildfire through wide-angle thermal cameras. Filled with helium gas, the top blimp floats high above the canopy of forest to immediately detect any wildfire over an area of about 1,300 km2.
Native Kebakaran liar bisa berlipat ganda setiap lima menit. Oleh karena itu, deteksi dini sangat penting untuk menghindari kebakaran hutan yang besar di negara-negara berkembang. Sistem saat ini mendeteksi secara terbatas dan membutuhkan biaya yang mahal karena kendala geografis. Melalui sistem modular portabelnya, Forest Eye dapat dipasang di mana saja dengan mudah. Sistem ini terdiri dari dua bagian utama termasuk bagian dasar dengan tangki helium dan komponen udara yang dilengkapi kamera termal. Balon udara tersebut melayang di atas kanopi hutan untuk mendeteksi api secara cepat di area seluas 1.300 km2.
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