Extra Form
Country Hong Kong
Year 2017
Affiliation The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - School of design
Designer Sin Bing WONG
English Career Women are very common in cosmopolitan cities. Many of working mother are forced to stop breastfeeding despite its benefit to both the baby and mother. Breastfeeding is widely known to provide irreplaceable benefit for mother and baby .However, due to unfavorable conditions in workplace, working mother have to encounter difficulties like lack of privacy, unwanted attention from others and stress from using time-consuming and uncomfortable pumping milk products. Therefore, the design is for career-oriented mother expressing milk in working environment to foster a private, comfortable, smart and convenient experience.
Native 在大城市,職業女性是非常普遍。很多人知道母乳餵哺能為媽媽和寶寶帶來各種益處,但很多在職媽媽在產後數個月內便放棄餵哺母乳。在職媽媽需要在上班期間泵奶和集奶才能繼續餵哺母乳。由於工作場所的不便,使泵奶過程變得更困難。例如公司缺乏私人空間泵奶、他人帶著不友善目光和泵奶產品的不完善,都會令在職媽媽感到各種壓力和不便,以致她們選擇在洗手間泵奶。所以這設計提倡一個新方式給在職媽媽上班泵奶,為媽媽帶來方便和舒適的泵奶體驗同時能夠保障身體的私隱。從而她們不用再到洗手間泵奶, 只要留在座位就能夠在工作時同時泵奶。
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