Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Award Gold Winner
Client MiCareo Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Affiliation Process Ltd.
Designer Xinhong Yeh, Eting Liao, Jayden Cheng
English MiCareo is a medical precision device manufacturing company, providing innovative tools for the analysis of rare cells.Furthermore, the letter “o” in the logo of MiCareo is presented in the shape of water drop as the supporting graphic to establish the brand consistency. With a contextual branding principle, the eye-catching purple and the shape of water drop can be randomly permutated and combined for more design applications, and a dynamic identity can be further developed to increase the richness of the brand and create the special presence in the market.
Native MiCareo 為一間醫療精密儀器公司,主要開發血液檢測癌症相關性產品。為區隔品牌視覺在市場的獨特形象,我們運用了紫色突顯品牌的個性。為聯結品牌與產品之間的關聯性,我們將Logo 文字中MiCare”o” 以水滴方式呈現,建立品牌在輔助視覺一致性。在品牌營運的過程中,鮮明的紫色及強而有力的水滴造型應用,隨機的排列組合,更可發展出動態識別的應用,增加品牌豐富度,以奠定了品牌在市場的獨特地位,讓後續更多的發展應用物,有一套脈絡性的發展原則。
Interview http://www.designsori.com/1134594
Website http://process-group.com/zh-tw/

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