Music Bottle

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation Jiangmen city Guqiting Industrial Design Co., Ltd.
Designer Xiaohong Deng, Nuanting Huang
English Music Bottle is a kind of blue-tooth speaker full of interaction and emotion. On working state, open the lid, the music sounds up;close the lid, the music pause. Children have a great imagination. If one day, the lid is lost,in the eyes of children,pebbles, cotton, paper and so on, will be a new lid.People always have emphasized the pursuit of perfection.Once the original appearance of things are changed,people will think it is not complete anymore.I hope that through this design, let parents guide their children to accept the incompleteness of life, to change this imperfection in other ways and they will find unexpected surprise.
Native Music Bottle是一款具备情感化和交互性的蓝牙音箱。音箱开机状态下,打开盖子,音乐响起;闭合盖子,音乐暂停,创造一种有趣的操作体验。 儿童的想象力是丰富的,如果有一天盖子丢失了,卵石、棉花、纸团等等,在孩子眼里,又会是一个新的盖子。在成长中,人们太过于强调追求完美,会认为物品原本的样子改变了,就不“完整”了,希望通过这个设计,让父母引导孩子接纳生活中的不完整,用其他方式改变它,会发现意外的惊喜。

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