2 in 1 MUG

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation Xiamen Ganwoo Technology Co.,Ltd.
Designer Wei Taiming
English 2 in 1 MUG is ceramic mug with function of carrying water and squeezing lemon juice. The inner cavity of mug is designed as an inverted cone, it can be used as a simple lemon juicer when you turn the mug upside down. One cup but get double functions. 2 in 1 MUG is not only convenient, but also brings much fun for your life. The inner cavity and the bottom of the mug body naturally form a heat insulation structure. When you drink a cup of hot drink, just hold the bottom area of the mug to protect your hands from any burns.
Native 柠趣杯是一款同时作为日常饮用和柠檬榨汁的杯子。杯子分为上下两个腔体,上腔底部设计成锥状,作为下腔的柠檬榨汁器的凸状,将杯子倒过来,柠趣杯又变成了一个柠檬榨汁器,一物两用,方便生活的同时,也为生活增添乐趣。 杯体下部自然形成一个双层隔热结构,喝热饮时可以握住杯体下部区域,可以起到防烫的作用。

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