Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation Beijing University of Technology
Designer Shaoyang Zhou, Yue Cui
English This work is designed in the traditional fishing village, the lower mountain village,The idea of the plan (pier) originates in the change of bamboo weaving. With mutual restriction, mutual support and conducting stress, the structure of hollow column has the strength and stability for stress.This paper designs a new way of constructing traditional art and traditional life, so as to consider the development of traditional fishing village in the present era.
Native 本作品将地点选定在传统的渔村——下山村中,从当地传统的竹编技艺出发,设计出了一种全新的渔船码头搭建方式,通过这种全新搭建方式,让当地传统的渔村文化得以在当今都市的不断发展中得以传承,让这种传统生活得以延续,同时,通过对于竹编结构的提炼,利用竹片与竹片之间的相互挤压将其中受力点的荷载传递到每一片竹片上,使得整体结构更加稳定,这使得这种传统技艺能够融入到现代的竹结构搭建方式中来,从而本作品在延续传统文化和生活的基础上充分突出了当地的特色。
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