Extra Form
Country Spain
Year 2018
Award Winner
Designer Carlos Gamarra Cortina
English The project settles at Cobo Calleja, biggest Chinese industrial area in Europe.A community would opt for other dreams.To build that local jet international dream,there is a planned disconnection from the site and the passage of time.Relocation of the imaginary and the symbols using of narrative, significant elements for the inhabitant.It takes all the water from the roof of all this extensive industrial area to build a lake and other landscape elements that reintroduce a tame notion of time.A definition of time, site and leisure that doesn´t pretend to be wild or natural but curated to meet the cultural expectations of a whole community.
Native Situado en Cobo Calleja, el mayor polígono industrial de Europa, aprovecha la planimetría regular para reconducir el agua en una nueva red paralela que evite la depuración redundante de las aguas pluviales. A través de la domesticación del agua y la cultura china desarrolla un hilo narrativo que pretende dotar a los espacios de ocio de una nueva visión cambiante que remita a la experiencia del usuario y sirva para tender puentes a la comunidad china en España, activando las periferias urbanas de mayoría inmigrante y aportando nuevos significados a través de la reinterpretación cultural y el aprovechamiento de los medios del paisaje.
Website https://gamarracortina.wixsite.com/portfolio/final-thesis
  1. Needles

  2. Pot-purifier

  3. Raised spot escalator

  4. Ridiculous Thoughts of 'TIAN MA XING KONG'

  5. Rock Wave Bench

  6. Secondary area

  7. Side table type air purifier _ Cozy



  10. The Yemenite totem

  11. Two drops

  12. Two-Way Box Buler

  13. Handcraft on the lake

  14. Lóng Wáng Atlas

  15. 4D Museum of Space

  16. Origami animal tickets for children

  17. 2C3D - Tactile Camera For The Blinds

  18. Non-fired earth products

  19. Aero - Humidity water harvester

  20. Water Mask Dispenser

  21. Cipher - Individual Beauty -

  22. Drain Cover with Ash Tray

  23. Hope Of Life

  24. Incline Water


  26. Safe and fun tour application - Follow tour

  27. Watertank Wheel

  28. Zero per stool

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5