35 Judges from 13 Countries



Bumkyu Kang is an industrial designer and professor. Trained as an industrial designer, Mr. Kang has been involved in over 200 projects and assumed various positions for the past 21 years. He started his career at KEC Holdings Co Ltd, a Korea-based global company for business management and consulting services, where he worked as a designer for 5 years. After completing his studies with a PhD in Brunel University, London, he returned to Korea and became a professor of industrial design at Dongseo University. He also served as the Director of the R&D Center at Happycall Co. Ltd, a cookware manufacturer in Korea, and the Director of the Digital Image Design Innovation Center at Dongseo University. While teaching in the university, Prof. Kang has mainly focused on designs of electronics, kitchen/household appliances and baby products, but has also been involved in packaging and BI design. Among his best design products, the ‘both-side frying pan’ of Happycall he designed in 2002 has been sold worldwide, exceeding 10 million units in cumulative sales for the last 17 years. ‘Duri’ toilet seats for adult/baby are also among his hit products. In addition, Prof. Kang has engaged in the set-up of design and brand strategies as well as brand naming projects. His works won numerous design awards including Germany’s Red Dot Design Award, Australia’s Good Design Awards, Korea Good Design Award, Pin Up Design Awards and others.


Since establishing a design company called PRESENT in 2007, he has released various products of his design on the market. With continuous growth every year, his company recorded KRW 12.9 billion in annual sales in 2016. While actively engaging in the development of new products, Mr. Kang is now trying to find ways to be able to contribute to the society with his long-life design. Prof. Kang has published or presented over 30 papers in journals like the International Journal of Design and at academic conferences at home and abroad. In addition, he held five solo shows including one in New York, U.S.A., in 2004, and participated in over 60 design exhibitions held all around the world. Prof. Kang received a bachelor’s degree in industrial design at Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea, a master’s degree in DeMontfort University and a PhD in design management in Brunel University in London, U.K. After returning to Korea in 2002, he teaches in the Department of Design at Dongseo University for 17 years now. He is Vice President of the Korea Society of Basic Design & Art, the largest academic society of arts and design in Korea.

  1. USA
    Director. Karim Rashid
    Karim Rashid Inc

  2. USA
    Prof. Andy Law
    Rhode Island School of Design

  3. KOREA
    Prof. Hyunsun Kim
    IDAS. Hongik University

  4. JAPAN
    Prof. Yoshimaru Takahashi
    Osaka University of Arts

  5. JAPAN
    Prof. Shingo Ando
    Kyoto Arts and Crafts University

  6. KOREA
    Prof. Jaeho Kim
    Kaywon University of Art and Design

    Director. Thomas Johansson

  8. KOREA
    Prof. Kang Bumkyu
    Dongseo University

  9. USA
    Prof. Andrea Ruggiero
    Parsons School of Design

  10. JAPAN
    Director. Tetsuya Matsumoto
    KTX archiLAB

  11. CANADA
    Founder. Takashi Yamada

    Prof. Hans Tan
    National University of Singapore

    Artist-Designer. Kostas Metaxas
    Metaxas & Sins

  14. CHINA
    President. An Luo
    TEAMS Design

  15. ITALY
    Director. Michi Del Rosso
    AWD Agency

    Prof. Brian Lucid
    Massey University

  17. CHINA
    Prof. Bao Haimo
    Dalian Minzu University

  18. TAIWAN
    Prof. Meng-Cong Zheng
    National Taipei University of Technology

  19. CHINA
    Prof. Gou Rui
    Southwest Jiaotong University

    Director. Virginia Lung

  21. KOREA
    Prof. Taesun Kim
    Kyungil University

  22. JAPAN
    Director. Keiko Akatsuka
    Keiko Akatsuka & Associates

  23. JAPAN
    President. Masuo Fujimura
    Fujimura Design Studio

  24. CHINA
    Prof. Fangliang Wang
    Shenzhen University

  25. JAPAN
    Director. Emi Kawasaki

  26. CHINA
    Director. Wang Guanhua

  27. CHINA
    Prof. Gan SenZhong
    Art College of Xiamen University

  28. CHINA
    Prof. Yuxiang Kuang
    Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics art of school

  29. IRAN
    Director. Aidin Ardjomandi
    Arena Design Studio

  30. CHINA
    Prof. Huang Yuexin

  31. TAIWAN
    Prof. Lai Yueh Hsing
    Cheng Shiu University

  32. KOREA
    Prof. Sunah Kim
    Kumoh National Institute of Technology

  33. MACAU
    Director. Bob Lei
    Todot Design & Planning Limited

  34. CHINA
    Director. Fan Shizhong

  35. KOREA
    CEO. Doyoung Kim

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