Extra Form
Country Japan
Year 2022
Affiliation Nihon University College of Art
Designer Noriyuki Kasai
English Mainly Kan Matsubara's portfolio photos, Expressing the 100-year trajectory with layout and typography. The eight dot colors are the main colors of the eight departments in the Faculty of Arts. One hundred years ago, there was only one faculty and one department, but it has greatly expanded to eight departments.
Native 松原寛のポートフォリオ写真をメインに 百年の軌跡をレイアウトとタイポグラフィで表現。 8色のドットカラーは芸術学部にある8学科のメインカラー。 百年前は1学部1学科だったが8学科に大きく発展した様子を表現した。
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  1. XIJIAJIA An AI Digital Human

  2. Wireless acrylic speaker tueks

  3. NTNU gamers Metaverse concept exhibition

  4. Suofeiya home collection Visual Identity

  5. A cup that fades away life

  6. Gemeaux Aile

  7. White Mountain Club House

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5