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Country Korea
Year 2021
Affiliation PRESENT Co., Ltd.
Designer BumKyu Kang
English Duri's brand philosophy is 'Add pleasure to parenting'. Under the brand slogan "Babycare solution," this is the brand make beginner parents to experience pleasure to parenting by keep seeking and studying their inconvenience and concerns. The brand, “Duri” has maintained monthly Naver search volume between 40,000 and 30,000 on average and the brand has grown to be 400,000 searching brands in a year. Given that the number of newborns in 2020 is around 270,000, it is easy to anticipate that the most of parents are searching for the 'Duri' brand. The Duri infant-adult Bidet seat which is invented by DURI (hereinafter referred to as Duri) has been positioned on the baby toilet cover market, with 700,000 cumulative sales and up to 2,000 units sold per day since its launch in 2014. (The No.1 positioned in the biggest portal site in Korea, NAVER and kept for 6 years) Duri Infant Toilet Cover (hereinafter referred to as Duri) is the 2 in 1 structure by combining of Infant toilet and Adult Toilet cover. It is an innovative product that solves the inconvenience of storing toilet covers separately for infants and toddlers. When the child uses same toilet with their parents, it helps them to learn naturally for their bowel training. There was a common practice throughout the baby product markets to use children's popular character shapes and colors. However, as the young parents' interest in design and interior increases, the design trends of baby products is also changing. Duri is designed with a smooth curve, motivated by the shape of a whale and It goes well with the interior of the house by applying pastel colors by using of Achromatic pastel colors excluding primary colors. Duri has a 3D stereoscopic round geometry with ergonomic round design that resembles a child's hip and it comfortably wraps around the hip to let the child to use the potty without resistance. The round design without edge helps users no pain or exhaustion. In addition, the proper bowel movement could be made by rising up the knee from the intentioned Duri shape, and it helps defecates activity quickly and comfortably. As a characteristic of DURI products, it is a carefully considered product to prevent children from getting hurt by adopting an assembly structure that does not use screws. The one-touch assembly is designed to be easily detachable. After installation, it is firmly fixed without shaking, so that the child is not afraid and can potty train safely. There is a space between the lid and the seat, so even children who use the toilet cover for the first time can easily use it. Triple damping design reduces friction noise on adult and infant seat covers, allowing quiet use by children and adults who are sensitive to sound. Hydraulic dampers can be applied to the hinge part of the infant toilet cover seat to slowly come down without noise and prevent safety accidents involving infants' hand. Humid bathroom is an environment where a variety of germs are prone to reproduce. Duri was manufactured using antibacterial PP materials to prevent bacterial and fungal breeding. Duri has been verified for stability by obtaining European CE certification, as well as no harmful substances such as phthalate plasticizers, so that this is suitable to use for the whole family member.
Native 두리의 브랜드 철학은 ‘육아에 즐거움을 더하다’ 이다. ‘Babycare solution’이라는 브랜드 슬로건하에 육아가 처음인 엄마, 아빠의 첫 걸음이 더 쉬워지도록 육아의 걱정과 불편함이 무엇인지 묻고 연구하며 육아가 즐거울 수 있도록 돕고자 하는 브랜드이다. ‘두리’ 브랜드는 월평균 네이버 검색량이 3~4만을 유지하고 있으며, 1년에 40만명이 검색하는 브랜드로 성장했다. 2020년 신생아 출생수가 약 27만명인 점을 감안하면, 대부분의 아기를 가진 부모님들이 ‘두리’브랜드를 검색하고 있다. 두리가 개발한 두리 유아성인 변기커버는 유아변기와 성인변기커버가 하나의 제품에 장착된 2in1 구조로 제작된 혁신적인 제품이다. 2014년 출시 이후 2021년 현재까지 누적 판매량 70만개, 1일 최고 2,000개가 판매된 유아변기커버 시장 판매 1위 제품이다. (네이버 판매 1위, 6년 연속 유지) 두리 유아성인 변기커버는 항균 PP 소재와 유해물질이 없는 소재를 사용하여 제작되었고, KC인증과 유럽 CE인증을 획득하여 안정성을 검증 받은 제품이다.
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