Extra Form
Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2021
Affiliation TrueFull Land Co., Ltd.
Designer Cheng Hui Hsin
English Polo has nothing to do with luxury, it is an idea of loving life. And the Polo and the coffee, is a kind of lifestyle. Located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, POLO CAFÉ is inspired by the dynamic lines of the swing in polo, and the changes in light and shadow when horses run. The essence of polo sports elements is extracted and transformed into neat metal lines, which are scattered and arranged in the space through delicate arrangements. The owner used to participate in the polo school team of Oxford University during his studies. He extends the focus of polo into the persistence of grinding coffee. The designer put the spirit of this classic sport into the space, through the clever ceiling line matching, to create a sense of speed and focus. It bringing customers a classic and timeless experience. In the space, the designer emphasizes the sustainable design concept and uses eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental damage. It also achieves a detachable and movable design, which is conducive to resource reuse and product recycling. Part of the original objects are retained, and new design thinking is added to give the space a new atmosphere. While designing the space, it also takes responsibility for environmental protection. The line of sight follows the lines and converges on the world map hung on the ceiling. With the earth as the center, the lines corresponding to the environmental relationship are radiated. The golden plates and bands of light surrounding the earth show rich changes in light and shadow, It also symbolizes Polo Café’s vision of the world. When people sipping the cups of aromatic coffee, the soft flavor that enters their throats, that opens up unlimited imagination and interpretation of different moods.
Native 馬球不是奢侈的概念,而是對生活的熱愛。而馬球與咖啡,皆是一種生活型態的展現。 位於台灣新竹的polo咖啡廳,靈感源於馬球運動中,揮桿的動態線條,以及馬匹奔馳時的光影變化。將馬球運動的元素精粹擷取,再轉化為俐落的金屬線條,透過精巧的安排,使之散佈排列於空間中。業主本身曾在求學期間參與牛津大學的馬球校隊,將馬球運動的專注,轉換為精釀咖啡的堅持,設計師將這項古典的運動的精神,透過的巧妙的天花線條配比,營造速度感與聚焦感,帶給客戶經典雋永的體驗。 整體空間設計上,注重永續的設計理念,利用環保材質降低對環境的破壞,同時也做到可拆卸、活動性的設計,有利於資源的再利用與產品的價值再利用。並保留部分原始物件,加上新的設計思考,賦予空間新的語彙。 在空間呈現上,將視線順著線條,匯聚到高掛在天花板的世界地圖,以地球為中心放射出對應環境關係的線條,環繞片段的金色線板與光帶,展現豐富的光影變化與聚焦性,同時也象徵著polo cafe放眼世界的期許。馬蹄形的吧台運用石材及金屬等自然元素,刻劃馬球運動的由古典延續至今的運動精神,成為品味人士交流聚會的場所,啜飲一杯純粹的咖啡,入喉的柔順韻味,開啟無限的想像與不同的心情詮釋。
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