Extra Form
Country Hong Kong
Year 2018
Award Winner
Client Art Promotion Office - Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Designer Chen Siu Wa, MATCH
English Mody Road Garden is designed for a new form of community engagement. The colorful geometrical shaped furniture provides platforms with different heights and functions, which is flexible for multiple uses, including, but not limit to, taking rest, organizing events, and social interactions. The design principle emphasizes on its hardware usage as well as communal function. To serve the social purpose, the team will co-organize a range of interesting activities with community organizations to engage the public in participation and planning. The Garden is meant to encourage social interactions and to build up the sense of belonging in the city.
Native 香港是一個人口密集的大都會,公共空間在城市中彌足珍貴,但大部份公共空間都是由政府管理,而僵化的管理手段更對市民使用公共空間的方式諸多限制,以致僅有的公共空間也未能得以善用。所以我們希望透過設計一系列公共空間專用的座椅家具,擴闊公共空間在大眾心目中的想像,同時促進社區之中的交流。 麼地道花園的設計基礎主要針對未來的社區活動,以簡單的幾何圖案建構色彩繽紛、不同高度且類型各異的平台,方便大眾使用上更加靈活,按需要作休息、活動、展示和交流等功能。每組座椅家具是由帶孔的不鏽鋼板構成,可以簡單地添加配件或改造,配合不同活動需求。 整個設計方案除了硬件(座椅家具)設計,亦十分重視軟件(社區活動)的配合。設計團隊藉著與不同社區團體合辦特色的社區活動,讓市民享受公共空間之餘,也能參與策劃,讓區內區外的社群可以自由互動交流,在每一次愉快體驗中加深對社區的歸屬感
Website https://www.facebook.com/modyroadgarden
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  1. Morph

  2. OCTA

  3. Organism II

  4. Plus Driver

  5. RulerDock


  7. Soldering pen

  8. ST3

  9. The leg prosthesis concept : Ordinary

  10. TRID


  12. AWA

  13. Spiral Pavilion

  14. Public bike rental system

  15. Pun Riddles

  16. 90°screwdriver

  17. Air Toaster mini

  18. AIREA

  19. Aubergine Pillow

  20. Brighter.

  21. Clever Can

  22. Clevu_smart glasses for the low vision elderly

  23. Convenient Fork

  24. Decibel stool

  25. Easy Van


  27. free ring mouse

  28. Height Adjustable Shower Head

  29. i

  30. KOOC (Keep&Cook)

  31. Life stretcher - The rescue stretcher - being carried by a single person

  32. Modular Climbing Wall

  33. MOSS'

  34. My Temperature

  35. Needles

  36. Pot-purifier

  37. Raised spot escalator

  38. Rock Wave Bench

  39. Secondary area

  40. Side table type air purifier _ Cozy

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