Extra Form
Country Hong Kong
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation MIIM Architecture & Design Co. Ltd.
Designer Chu Hiu Ching, Cheung Wa
English A disposable drinking straw has a very short lifespan of around 10 minutes before we toss it away. However, it takes at least 500 years for a plastic straw to fully decompose. Most straws today are single-used foodware that are ending up in landfill or in our ocean. One disposal plastic straw can actually cause huge amount of damage to the environment. icicle is a reusable drinking straw designed to replace the single-used straw and reduce solid waste. It can be disassembled easily for cleaning by hand or dishwasher just like any other cutlery, no extra cleaning tool is required. Just snap the parts together to enjoy beverages.
Native 用僅僅十分鐘去滿足口腹之欲後丟棄的即棄吸管,卻要用上五百年時間才能完全分解。一次性的吸管瞬間變成垃圾,除了送到堆填區,亦有機會流入海洋對生態環境造成破壞,甚至進入食物錬,影響我們的健康。 icicle 的概念不只是一支環保可重複使用的吸管。它簡易的組合及分拆方式,不單令清洗更容易,更衛生,亦令它使用起來更接近我們日常使用的餐具。我們希望人們都使用可重用的餐具,以減少地球的廢物。
Interview http://www.designsori.com/1134726
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  1. Murakoshi House

  2. Weaving Haifu


  4. Wave House

  5. In Between the Red Brick Wall

  6. Chengdu BMW Experience Center

  7. QUARK

  8. Yung Zing Tung Copper Culture Gallery

  9. Grayscale of Light

  10. Space 5 point 7

  11. bibu pet store

  12. Mist Garden

  13. H Wave Wall

  14. Quanzhou Experimental Middle School

  15. IOC of Jingzhou factory

  16. Boundless Boundaries

  17. Ribbon House

  18. Mancave

  19. Chengdu MINI Showroom Complex

  20. Bamboo House

  21. Birch Forest

  22. Stream Office

  23. My Boundary

  24. Daotianyi Moutain Hotel

  25. House in Niigata

  26. DNAKE Smart Central Control Screen Knob

  27. Maguro


  29. BTS

  30. Changwon Public Library Rebranding

  31. KClighting Global Flagship Showroom

  32. IOC for Midea Headquarter

  33. Zhangzhou City Museum

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