IOC of Tongji Hospital

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2024
Affiliation Midea Building Technologies Division
Designer Dong kai
English The system can present the desired information in the visual form that combines data visualization graphs and digital twin model, help user improve efficiency and manage subsequent operations. The internal structure of the hospital can be visualized by the digital twin model, scenarios and perspectives can be switched to view the real-time status of the hospital in an immersive manner.Data analysis and summary concerning security guard, building control, personnel analysis and waste control, coupled with the intelligent monitoring and management practice that is friendly to managers, free up human costs and improve management efficiency.
Native 本系统从医疗场景及医疗业务出发,运用Design Thinking顶层设计思维模式,整合了医院各部门现有的信息数据资源,打造具有“健康”生命体的智慧医院运维管理系统。 本系统采用数据可视化与数字孪生模型相结合的交互表现形式,多维度立体地呈现重要数据信息,帮助用户提效并进行后续操作管理。依托数字孪生模型真实呈现医院物理结构,轻松切换不同场景与视角,沉浸式查看医院实时状态,在疫情防控要求下,可对实时对人员状态进行检测分析,当发生突发情况时,迅速启动应急模式路径规划,守护医院全局健康。系统从安全保卫、楼宇管控、人员分析、医疗废弃物管理等方便进行数据分析和汇总,方便医院管理人员进行智能化监测和管理,最终达到解放人力成本,提高管理效率地目的。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments This design received high praise for its innovative integration of data visualization and digital twin technology, significantly enhancing hospital management efficiency. Its immersive visual presentation and comprehensive data analysis capabilities streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to healthcare facility management.
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