Logo License


ADP provides winner logo in accordance with the ranking. Winner logo will ensure your award. They will be also effective to inform your client, media, and other groups of your award. We provide you with winner logo. All winners will be entitled to use the winner logo. Winner logos are available both online and offline. There is no specific use period fixed and they can be used unlimited for the award-winning works only. Winner logo automatically ensures the award. You will receive a digital logo accompanied by a guidance file. You can use the digital logo both online and offline. Examples include product advertising, online pro-motion, press release etc. 







Winning Certificate


We present the winners with a beautiful certificate. Remember that this is a prestigious plaque designed by a respected YOSHIMARU TAKAHASHI ; he is a professor at Osaka University of Arts and a graphic designer in Kokokumaru. This plaque, which will be awarded to the winner, contains the connection of culture and design, and the warmth of human beings.








Winning Yearbook


ADP collection ; works of year's winners is a meaningful service for winners. The purpose of this book is to share the work of winners from all over the world and to enjoy the ideas and design world of various perspectives. We thought that written in history by ADP is honor for winner, you can be star. Challenge 'Asia Design Prize Yearbook'.







Online Exhibition


All winning submissions will be featured automatically on the ADP website. The online exhibition will not only have a continued exposure in internet but also take the honor of the award. Winners can expose their names and websites through an online exhibition. This is a great opportunity to promote the reputation of designers and brands to millions of designers around the world. A global designer connection can create new markets.








Custom Fonts (Download)


Asia Design Prize has developed exclusive font with FontRix. For high readability for judging, this font must be used on presentation boards at Asia Design Prize. This is a font where you can feel the reputation and authority of Asia's largest international competition, Asia Design Prize. It was created by reflecting the characteristics of the humanist typeface that the influence of handwriting stands out so that it can be read well and expressed in a variety of environments. In consideration of global utilization, the usability has been improved by deriving it in a total of 3 different thicknesses. It has a clean, serif-free shape that gives it a solid yet refined look.








Design of the Year Trophy


Only one team, Design of the Year, will be awarded a special black winner package, which includes a metal trophy. This trophy, designed by Hoyoung Lee, director of 250 Design a product design agency from Korea, is made of brass and is 18K gold-plated. It is 3D-printed in small batches in the Netherlands specifically for the Asia Design Prize.







Awards Ceremony Trophy


We have developed a special trophy for the Asia Design Prize awards ceremony. It is a high-quality trophy that simply embodies the initials ADP and is a creation of 250 Design. This splendid trophy will be awarded free of charge to all grand prize winners participating in the ceremony at the luxury five-star 'Four Seasons' hotel in Seoul.