Extra Form
Country China
Year 2023
Affiliation Moneys Studio
Designer Weijia Wang, Joyce Dong, Wenxuan Hu, Jingyi Wang, Yue Qian
English This product seeks inspiration from the bamboo mountain in childhood memory. The shape of this product derived from the plum blossom shaped vascular bundle in bamboo, the structure of the vascular bundle transmit water for bamboo, and this product transfer the pure and original natural energy from the bamboo mountain. The body of the candle is shaped ceramic with hand-painted elements on the surface. The childish doodles that everyone did when they were little, scribble every element we see on the wall, whether it was beautiful scenery or animals in the countryside, the childlike graffiti has become an element to recall childhood.
Native 这个系列产品用稚嫩自然的设计风格,对比都市的刻板与紧张,也反映了村落被高楼取代,许多人失去了一个缅怀童年的地方。设计初衷意在从视觉、嗅觉、听觉、触觉等感官及精神层面结合出发,为高节奏生活的人们提供片刻轻松的氛围。此产品概念从童年时期生活的竹山寻找灵感和元素,瓶器的外形来源于竹子中的“梅花“型维管束,维管束结构为竹子传递水分,而山野野系列的”维管束“传递竹山间纯粹原始的自然能量。蜡烛杯的瓶身为异形陶瓷,弧度与厚度都不容易掌控,制作过程中极其容易开裂,每一个瓶器都需要一个定制模具,就像每个人珍贵的记忆都需要被小心翼翼的对待一样。位于瓶身的手绘元素来源于小时候出门探险,回到家喜欢在墙面上乱涂乱画一些身边的事物,无论是美景还是乡野间的小动物、昆虫,充满童趣的涂鸦成为了回味童年的元素。在都市的严肃与繁忙中点燃香薰,唤起片刻的童真与自然的能量,陪伴和治愈我们,在香气中回忆起童年的时光,身体和思绪一同沉浸在自然中轻松如孩童。
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