Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation together studio
Designer archi-cat
English Here we attempt to solve the problem of craft standardization in mass production and achieve a perfect balance by making use of the characteristics of different materials.First,through the skill similar to that of making bamboo tea whisk,we process a section of the bamboo stem into the semi-spring structure with 64 Spokes to respond to the shape changes from weight force and successfully turn the compression/relaxation state due to weight changes into a visual beauty of structure.Through the uniqueness of each bamboo material and the different weight graduation of scale on each product,we create each product with difference in mass production
Native 秤,即平衡之意。在工藝與量產之間一直存在著標準化的矛盾,這裡我們試圖利用材料特性的不同來解決工藝品在量產中標準化的問題上取得了一個完美的平衡。首先,我們用類似竹筅的製作工藝將一段竹節加工成64幅的類彈簧結構狀來應對受應力後的形變,並成功地將材料在受重量而改變的壓縮-舒張狀態轉換成一種視覺性的結構美感,並因應每個竹材料的獨特性,對應出每個產品標示的重量刻度亦會有異的方式來創造出在量產的規格下每件產品都是不同的差異性量產工藝品,並使人們在使用時能充分的感受出材料(竹)的特性(韌性)與美感,並使之成為一種實用的度量重量的工具成為可能(量茶葉、咖啡、料理用的秤)。
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