Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation PhoebeSayswow Architects Ltd.
Designer Shihhhwa Hung, Phoebewen
English To achieve the goal of flexible spatial quality and visual penetration in a modest size flat, as well as the room for active pets and kids to play, we utilized floor zoning and various partition strategy as a deconstructive approach to fulfill these requirements. The design challenges the materiality and construction technique to ensure the delivery of desired textures and spatial quality in this space, so as the sophisticated visual attraction demanded by our client.
Native 單層住宅也可以像調色盤般的豐富有趣。這個私人住宅有40+坪的空間,對育有一女的夫妻來說,是個夠用但侷限的空間。以原有隔間來看,室內的後大半段都被房間與浴室等私密空間佔據,若廚房非開放式,開門所見就是不大的客廳與飯廳。業主家好動的臘腸狗很多時間宅在家沒地方活動也是令人沮喪。這個設計案就針對這些點來規劃出一個狗與小孩都能奔跑捉迷藏的有趣空間,將促進家人互動的公共區域分配與延伸到整個空間。當然對一貫喜好挑戰建材與施工的我們,也要讓空間的視覺感官不一樣!透過移除原有隔間,露出開放的地板,我們利用磨石子地耐用適合寵物行走奔跑的特性,加入銅條造型來軟性區分空間,輔以造型磚牆與通透的鐵件隔間視覺的反差與折門隔間靈活的開闔創造獨特空間感卻沒原有的閉塞。
Website http://www.phoebesayswow.com
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