Uterus examiner

Extra Form
Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2024
Affiliation Ming Chi University of Technology
Designer Wen Shin Zeng, Li Kai Chu, SIN YU LIN, YUN JHEN WU, YIN CHI LIU
English The Uterus examiner is a hygiene product that helps women see the health of their periods. The color strip on the adhesive surface of the sanitary napkin can provide the user to easily determine whether the menstrual color is abnormal when discarding the sanitary napkin; The different width of the color bar can determine whether the clot size is too large when the woman abandons and rolls up. The number bulge at the bottom indicates that the superabsorbent resin can gather inside the number when the blood is sucked and expanded, so that the number can have a significant bulge, corresponding to the amount of blood.
Native Uterus examiner是一款幫助女性檢視月經健康的衛生用品。月經的健康若是忽視會對女性身體造成負擔,月經的顏色和血塊可以反映女性的身體狀況,一些婦女疾病可以從經血色塊及血量觀察,若是等到有搔癢疼痛的症狀,再去就醫則會錯失最好修復的時機。衛生棉黏貼面的色條,可提供使用者在丟棄衛生棉時簡易判斷月經顏色是否有異常;色條不同的寬度,在女性丟棄捲起時,可判斷血塊大小是否過大。Uterus examiner底部的數字凸起指示,讓高吸水性樹脂在吸血膨脹時可以聚集於數字內部,使數字可以有明顯的凸起,數字對應的是血量的多寡。Uterus examiner提供使用者清楚的了解自身月經的健康,以解決女性忽視月經異常的問題,並可明確進行調理和就醫,把握最佳的改善時機,避免忽視而導致醫療成本的增加。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The Uterus Examiner received commendations for its innovative design that empowers women to monitor their menstrual health conveniently. Its integrated color strip and clot size indicators, along with the unique number bulge system for measuring blood volume, were lauded for providing valuable health insights directly through the use of a sanitary napkin, making it a groundbreaking tool in personal health monitoring and education.
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