Extra Form
Country China Hong Kong
Year 2024
Affiliation Hong Kong Metropolitan University
English My grandmother passed away, my girlfriend broke up, and I was almost thirty years old. I couldn't find a job or anything, so I started traveling alone. I brought my camera and left my hometown alone, where I had lived for over 20 years. Over the course of several months, I constantly moved between the land and encountered different people, animals, landscapes, stories, and myths. The photo presents a chaotic form, which is related to the situation. The drastic changes in geography and the encounters and separations of people all contribute to the mood when pressing the shutter.
Native 姥姥去世了,女朋友分手了,快三十岁了,也找不到工作,什么都不会,于是一个人开始了旅行。我带着我的相机,独自离开生活了二十多年的家乡。我希望在广阔的土地中找到自我的存在,用自然的力量来化解悲伤,同时用影像来记录此时此刻的心情。于是我一个人坐着绿皮火车从中国的吉林到新疆,并从吐鲁番市出发,历经乌鲁木齐市、昌吉州、库尔勒地区、阿克苏地区、和田地区、喀什地区、阿勒泰地区、伊犁地区,一直到哈萨克斯坦,巴基斯坦。长达几个月的时间里在土地之间不断迁移,遇到了不同的人、动物、风景、故事、神话。照片呈现出来的是一种混乱的形态,这与境遇有关。地理的剧烈变化和人的相遇与分离,这些不稳定的因素都构成了按下快门时的心情。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments These black and white photographs possess the power to convey intense emotions and stories. The contrast created by the lighting and shadows adds depth to the images. These photographs provide a visual narrative that allows viewers to create their own interpretations, while successfully conveying complex emotions within the simplicity of black and white. The judges commend the challenge of communicating human emotions through photography.
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