Extra Form
Country Korea
Year 2024
Client Itm Bros Corp.
Affiliation Design Astrein and TailsPark Corp.
Designer Doeun Kang, Seonyeop Lee, Youngkyeong Lee, Kyoungchun Park, Seungjun Lee
English The project has been selected by several investors and the host construction companies, and the final budget of 30 billion won has been finalized. However, the host construction companies and business executives were convinced that before constructing the space, they needed a brand name and image that could symbolize the pet healing center. Therefore, we finalized the final naming and logo of "TailsPark," which integrates 40-50 spaces, through strategic meetings and considerations for about four months for this branding development project. (Hotels, swimming pools, hospitals, amenities, parking lots, parks, etc. where 200 households can stay)
Native 본 프로젝트는 여러 투자자와 주최 건설사를 통해 사업부지 선정과 300억 규모의 최종적인 예산이 확정 되었습니다. 하지만, 주최 건설사 및 사업임원들은 공간을 구축하기에 앞서 반려동물힐링센터(가칭)를 상징할 수 있는 브랜드 네이밍과 이미지가 필요하다는 것을 확신 했습니다. 때문에 우리는 본 브랜딩개발 프로젝트를 약 4개월동안 전략회의와 고민을 통해 40-50개의 공간을 통합하는 ‘TailsPark’라는 최종적인 네이밍과 로고를 확정 하였습니다.(본 공간은 반려동물과 견주 200세대가 머물 수 있는 호텔과 수영장, 병원, 편의시설, 주차장, 공원, 문화공간들이 확정된 복합테마파크공간입니다.)
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The "TailsPark" branding for a pet healing center has been highly praised for its strategic development, successfully encapsulating a vast range of services in its name and logo. This effort, resulting from four months of careful planning, effectively conveys the center's mission to provide a comprehensive healing space for pets, earning acclaim for its thoughtful and appealing brand identity.
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