Sine AI

Extra Form
Country USA
Year 2024
Affiliation UC Berkeley
Designer Ziyu Song, Coco Chen, An Yang, Pujian Guan, Runde Yang
English Sine AI seeks to be a guiding force for a generation in search of purpose. As Gen Z who have been through COVID, we need a framework to understand our internal and external worlds. That's why we developed Sine AI to help individuals in navigating their spiritual journeys by combining ancient wisdom with modern psychological approaches. Users can use astrology for clarity and direction, tarot for decision-making, and personality tests to gain insights into different aspects of themselves. With Sine AI, users can shape their own unique worldview and pursue their aspirations with daily guidance from the universe.
Native Sine AI旨在为寻找目标的一代人提供引导力量。作为曾在海外留学并在COVID期间与家人分离的Gen Z,他们面临前所未有的不确定性。在这个背景下,我们迫切需要一个框架,以理解内心世界和外部世界的复杂关系。因此,我们设计了Sine AI,它结合了古老的智慧和现代心理学方法,旨在帮助个体在灵性旅程中找到方向。 通过Sine AI,用户得以利用占星术获取清晰的指引,使用塔罗牌做决策,并通过人格和职业测试深入洞察自己的不同方面。我们希望Sine AI赋予用户这些能力,让他们能够塑造独特的世界观,并在每天从宇宙中获得指引的帮助下追求个人愿望。未来,Sine AI还将提供机会,让用户能够与那些与他们的灵魂有共鸣的人相遇,并在这种联系中开始有意义的交流。这使得Sine AI不仅仅是一个工具,更是一个引导人们通往更深层次自我认知和灵性连接的途径。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments Sine AI has received high praise for its innovative approach to blending ancient wisdom with modern psychological methods, specifically tailored to assist Gen Z in understanding their place in the world post-COVID. Its integration of astrology, tarot, and personality tests into a cohesive platform offers users personalized guidance and insights, facilitating a deeper exploration of their spiritual journeys. This unique combination has been lauded for empowering users to forge their own worldviews and pursue their goals with confidence, backed by daily universal guidance.
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