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Country China Hong Kong
Year 2019
Award Winner
Client People on board
Affiliation People on board
English In November , even while the northern hemisphere should have already entered the winter season , our summer clothes still fill our closets , raising concern for children their beloved Santa would not appear as winter may not arrive . Parents have been anxiously trying to explain about the ‘ global warming ‘ to their children , but children seem to be finding it difficult to grasp a clear understanding of the phenomenon . In this regard , we designed this board game entitled ‘Earth Rescue ‘ to facilitate children in gaining a better understanding of the consequences of global warming .
Native 十一月喇,北半球應該已經步入冬季,但係我地重著緊夏天嘅衫,這讓小朋友們有點擔心,因為佢地她怕冬天不來,去到12月,心愛的聖誕老人就不會出現啦。 爸爸媽媽嘗試解釋這是「地球暖化」嘅現象,但她們似懂非懂,爸爸媽媽心裡著急。所以,設計師設計左這個「地球救援」桌上遊戲,讓小朋友親嘗「地球暖化」的惡果。 二十分鐘的遊戲時間,將冰粒放在圖版南北兩極位置 ,小朋友要互相合作,趕係南北兩極冰山完全融化之前,把地球上的人類遷移到高處,玩家每次移動時,可以是同一隻棋子,或不同棋子,帶他們進入最後的避難所。 遊戲雖然唔能夠制止「地球暖化」現象,但我哋希望借這個機會喚醒大家嘅關注,一齊討論一下,點樣可以環保一點,保護地球!
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