Triangle Rescue

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2017
Designer Yuanxuan Huang, Hao Yu, Yang Yang, Zhongwen Zhao, Kun Xu
English Earthquake rescue is already very difficult to rescue people in the ruins. However, frequent aftershocks increase the difficulty of rescue. The rescue channel - Triangle Rescue, to a certain extent, it solves this problem. This product uses an irreversible stretch structure, users can turn it into a stable triangular channel by pulling up the handle, which provides a safe environment for rescue. Rescue workers need to carry it to a place where is easy to collapse, then it can provide protection when the accident occurs. Finally, rescue workers need to press the button on both sides to take the triangle channel back down and make it flat.
Native 地震救援一直是人们面临的一个棘手问题。在废墟之中实施营救本就是一件难事,频繁余震的出现更增加了营救困难。这款地震通道——Triangle Rescue,就能在一定程度上解决了余震对救援的二次伤害。Triangle Rescue利用不可逆拉伸结构,只需向上拉把手就可以将其拉伸成稳定的三角形通道,为救援提供了一个安全牢靠的环境。救援通道需要救援人员将其抬到容易坍塌的地点,在意外发生时即时使用。但用完收起时,需要按下两侧回收按钮,便可以将三角形的通道向下收回,变回偏平状。
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