Extra Form
Country China
Year 2017
Designer Yang Yang, Hao Yu, Zhongwen Zhao, Yuanxuan Huang, Kun Xu
English Some disasters, such as the fire in high-rise buildings and oil tank explosions, which need to be treated in height. In this case the ladder truck is very necessary. It can deliver rescuers, supplies and rescue equipment to high places. But the traditional ladder truck has a single platform, work is inefficient. The Giant Rescue Tank is a new type of Fire Rescue Tank. There are four lifting platforms that can work together at the same time. They complement each other to provide more functions of disaster relief and more efficient way to rescue. The purpose of this design is to save more lives when disaster strikes.
Native 高层建筑、高大设施、油罐等发生灾情,常需要在高处营救被困人员和物资设备,这时云梯车在抢险救灾时就显得十分必要。但是传统云梯车只有单一平台,功能单一,营救效率低。“巨无霸”是一款新型消防救援云梯坦克,它的一辆车上同时具有四个营救平台,能够同时使用。它们相互搭配实现了更多抢险救灾的功能,提供了更加高效的抢险救援方式。旨在在灾难发生时挽救更多生命。
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