Extra Form
Country China Hong Kong
Year 2023
Affiliation Fab2care Limited
Designer Stanley Kwok, Stephen Ng
English The CrossOver Scarf combines natural material and textile technology benefits by knitting heat-conductive smart textiles with merino wool to create the ultimate comfortable wearables and remove bulkiness. It is indistinguishable from regular knits. This soft and airy scarf gives a gentle sensation like the skin under the sunshine when plugged. The high breathability of the Scarf differentiates itself from other heat-generating appliances as it will not cause any irritations to the skin or allergies. The timeless and minimal design incorporates wear comfort and functionality. Let you stay warm without any fear of sudden changes in the weather
Native 氣溫下降時,我們多會配搭頸巾避免頸部受到風寒,但尺寸太大會降低靈活度,尤其長者體溫偏低及跌倒受傷更不堪設想。加入紡織科技,布料供暖,頸巾再細小也足以應付寒冷環境,但同時考慮強風因素,頸巾必須貼服頸部,頸部皮膚是比較敏感,所以物料務必舒適。 暖織技術顛覆了一般穿戴式科技,能與天然美麗諾羊毛混成電子化紡織品,按扣連接行動電源後,單層頸巾布料就已可以發熱升溫,不再需要外加其他保護面料,獨特透氣舒適。以手機程式控制智能柔溫及時限,促進頭、頸部位的血液循環。纖薄行動電源只有7.6毫米厚及61克重量,能輕便用上兩小時。 抗疫生活,消費者對個人物品的衛生更關注,連接線的分離模式方便清洗頸巾。穿戴時,把頸巾上下對摺,發熱區域貼近後頸,底面有兩個小袋放在左邊,小袋是存放電池及線控,把頸巾右末端穿過小袋下的隧道,簡約設計理念。 「織暖小頸巾」用天然物料配合纺織織科技,提升用戶體驗及舒適感,減低穿戴者對科技恐懼心理。
Website www.knitwarm.com/crossover-scarf
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