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Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2023
Affiliation Kaohsiung City Government
Designer Kaohsiung City Government
English Taiwan Lantern Festival is the first to adopt a double main venue, choosing Weiwuying and Love River Bay. It breaks the boundary of arts and creates three types of leading lights, namely land, sea, and air, to introduce urban design into the lantern festival from urban night lighting aesthetics. With the threat of the epidemic, the planning team has created the "Taiwan Lantern Festival Epidemic Prevention Platform," implemented a Real-name registration system, Online performance reservation system, provided transportation information, set up a food and beverage area, and changed the way the art installations interact.
Native 有別於以往的城市燈會,此次燈會特別選擇在港灣及城市綠帶舉辦,但時逢疫情考驗,因此在場地幅度以及表演方式有所不同變化。衛武營與愛河灣:台灣燈會首次採用雙主場,選擇衛武營以及愛河灣,結合衛武營國家藝術文化中心,及高雄流行音樂中心兩大國家級場館,運用高雄市地景地貌,涵括森林地貌、國家場館及港灣海域,是歷年來場域面積最大的燈會,更打破具體框架形象,打造陸、海、空三種型式主燈,從城市夜間照明美學的思維出發,將城市設計導入燈會!。表演方式:疫情威脅仍在,策劃團隊開創「台灣燈會防疫平台」、實施實聯制、預約看展、提供交通運具資訊、設置飲食專區,改變藝術裝置的互動方式,甚至將展期拉長,目的是為了讓人潮可以分時分流,給予體驗者最佳的觀展體驗。
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