Extra Form
Country China
Year 2024
Affiliation Wuyan
English By splicing the brand character "Bamboo Shadow Breeze" through the form of bamboo, we can better reflect the brand tone of "Bamboo Shadow Breeze" with bamboo as the main theme. The hollowed out technique on the bottle sticker and the hand torn bottle sticker symbolize that this product is a pure natural, handmade, and pollution-free pure natural brewing. Make consumers' eyes bright, thereby generating curiosity and purchasing power.
Native 通过竹子的形态拼接“竹影清风”毛笔造型的字,以“竹影清风”隐喻文人君子,竹虽有竹节,却不止步;是曰奋进。 竹外直中空,襟怀若谷;是曰虚怀。竹子在中国文化中象征着许多美好的品质,如刚毅、正直、不屈不挠。因此“竹影清风”常被用来形容文人君子的风骨和品格。 本产品包装通过竹子的形态拼接“竹影清风”品牌字,更好的体现“竹影清风”以竹子为主的品牌调性。瓶贴上镂空工艺展现以及手撕瓶贴寓意本产品纯天然、纯手工、无公害的纯天然酿酒。使消费者眼前一亮、从而产生好奇心和购买力。 本产品包装通过竹子的形态拼接“竹影清风”品牌字,更好的体现“竹影清风”以竹子为主的品牌调性。瓶贴上镂空工艺展现以及手撕瓶贴寓意本产品纯天然、纯手工、无公害的纯天然酿酒。使消费者眼前一亮、从而产生好奇心和购买力。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The "Bamboo Shadow Breeze" design, praised for its innovative use of bamboo elements and natural, handmade imagery, successfully attracts consumer interest and enhances the brand's appeal with its unique, eco-conscious presentation.
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