Extra Form
Country China
Year 2024
Affiliation China Mobile Group Device Co., Ltd.
Designer VigorHoo
English EC BA02 is a miniaturized computer host device based on cloud computing technology for enterprises and home users.Users only need to connect to the terminal display device online to achieve remote office. Users can choose computing power on demand and store data in the cloud, which not only reduces usage costs but also improves the utilization of computing resources. It is a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly product. This card-like cloud computer has high flexibility, allowing users to carry it around for travel. The EC BAO2 diamond faced metal shell can effectively solve product heat dissipation and enhance product aesthetics.
Native EC BA02是一款面向企业和家庭用户的基于云计算创新技术的小型化电脑主机设备,用户只需要一套终端显示设备联网后便可实现远程办公,远程游戏,远程视频等功能。EC BA02利用云端服务器存储数据,确保用户数据安全无泄漏,用户按照自身实际需求选择相应的算力资源配置,不仅降低了用户使用成本,而且极大提升了算力资源的利用率,是一款真正安全,经济,环保的产品。这种轻便小巧如卡片的云电脑产品具有非常高的灵活性,用户可把产品放置口袋中,随身携带出行,并且不受环境限制,能融入各种环境,实现多场景无边界的融合办公学习体验。EC BAO2金属外壳能有效解决产品散热,钻石饰面元素提升产品美学吸引力,并向用户呈现坚固可靠的品质。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The EC BA02 cloud computing device is praised for its compact design, portability, and efficient cloud-based computing, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for remote work and storage needs. Its innovative design ensures effective heat dissipation and enhances aesthetic appeal, making it a standout choice for users prioritizing flexibility and sustainability in their computing resources.
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