Extra Form
Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2023
Affiliation Wei Yu Huang
Designer Wei Yu Huang
English "Geng Tian" has founded weaving workshop with a mission to preserve traditional hand weave artistry through teaching weave looms in Taiwan. This logo design and Hanzi design are inspired from the construct of weft and warp yarns. In order to share the warmth of "Geng Tian" handmade products and weaving classes, we’ve also attempted to integrate printed designs with sewing to leave a strong impression through the interaction of visual and touch. With distinctive branding design, people will remember the "Geng Tian" brand deeply. Hope more people participate the project. It can regain curiosity for this handicraft by create their own fabrics.
Native 「耕恬」是一間於2016年創立的手織編織教室,本品牌計畫的宗旨包含了透過對傳統織帶機(器)的改良設計與教學推廣,以利保留台灣傳統編織的工藝。「耕恬」形象識別設計的設計概念,出自於編織品的編織時結構用的經度與緯度之組構概念,並且表現在識別設計的造形上。為了傳遞「耕恬」品牌中手織商品與教育課程的人文溫度,我們嘗試將平面印刷結合車線的方式結合兩個異材質,希望藉由視覺與觸覺的互動,使人驚奇並留下深刻印象。藉由鮮明有創意的品牌識別設計手法,讓人深刻記得「耕恬」品牌,以利真正幫助這個快沒落的傳統手工藝。有了更多人的參與,人們能夠重新找回對這項手工藝的好奇與喜愛,創作自己喜歡的織品,並延續這個手工藝的技藝。
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