Braille Emoji Design

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2024
Affiliation Zu He
English The inspiration for the design of this set of emojis is Braille. In addition to their tactile functionality for the blind and the visually impaired, the emojis also carry a wider symbolic significance—they are meant to better connect the blind and the visually impaired to the sighted and facilitate communication. The functional design of these emojis is similar to that of more traditional ones (such as, for example, the classic ‘grinning face’ emoji), ensuring that the same emotions can be conveyed to all people through touch as well as sight.
Native 本表情符号系统是以盲人最熟悉的六点制盲文为基本设计元素,用盲文学习中的’连线法‘的方法,并严格遵循优化盲文尺板的书写原则。与明眼文字中的表情符号进行同构,成为盲文表情符号。使它即可以通过手机·电脑等互联网设备进行使用传播,亦可直接书写,在盲人群体中互通书信使用。即可以被盲人触识,亦可被明眼人直接看懂。 盲文表情符号在今天被设计出来的意义在于 1.它是对盲文发展中缺失的补充,是本该出现在‘过去’的设计,这也恰恰反映出我们长期以来对盲人群体情感需求关注的忽视。 2.它从一个充满人文趣味的角度打通了明眼文字与盲文之间的界限,普及盲文的同时也联通了盲人和明眼人的世界。 3.盲文或将成为一种常见的基础设计元素,以一种‘无处不在但充满人文关怀’的方式,充斥到社会大众的视野,时时刻刻且温和地提醒社会大众对盲人以及视障人群的关注。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The Braille-inspired emoji set has been praised for promoting inclusivity, enabling both the visually impaired and sighted to share emotions similarly. This innovative design bridges communication gaps, earning accolades for its contribution to digital inclusivity and social connectivity.
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