Extra Form
Country Korea
Year 2024
Client Young Chan KANG
Affiliation ist Studio
Designer Haneul WOO, Jiseong CHOI
English It's a device that expresses the philosophy of helping a most of students to leap to the top, and expresses the fact that the instructor's teaching philosophy can approach the actual SAT problem intention the fastest with a sense of direction and speed. In addition, curriculum naming and asset were developed and applied to various designs, and the intention was to let KYC know that it's a solution that helps students maintain interest in studying. a top instructors are influencers to students, there is a cultural phenomenon of collecting merchandise, and through this, we also focused on developing cool design products to encourage learning.
Native 우리는 상위권 학생만을 위한 수능이 아니라, 다수의 학생들이 공부에 흥미를 느끼고 상위권으로 도약할 수 있게 돕고자 하는 수학강사 강영찬의 철학을 표현하는 장치로 강사의 수업방향과 철학이 실제 수능 문제의 의도에 가장 빠르게 접근할 수 있는 방법임을 설명하기 위해 방향성과 속도감이 연상되는 도형을 타이포그래피에 직접 반영하는 방식을 취했습니다. 또한 강사의 커리큘럼과 강의 목표에 맞는 네이밍과 에셋 개발 작업을 진행해 여러 디자인에 확장시킬 수 있게끔 했는데, 로고타입에서부터 네이밍 작업에 걸쳐 이 디자인을 통해 가장 집중적으로 의도한 바는 수업 자체와 더불어 수능을 준비하는 모든 과정에서 학생들이 ‘흥미를 유지할 수 있도록’ 돕는 강사와 솔루션이 있다는 점을 알리는 것이었습니다. 한국 학생들에게 실력 있는 수능강사는 단순한 선생님이기보다 아이돌이자 인플루언서이기 때문에 강사의 수업을 듣는다는 증명으로써 머천다이즈를 수집하기도 하는데, 이런 현상과 문화를 긍정적인 방향으로 활용하고 학습 의욕을 북돋기 위해 시인성 높은 디자인 상품을 개발하는 데에도 주력했습니다.
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The "KYC Brand eXperience Design" by ist Studio was honored as a 'Gold Winner' at the Asia Design Prize 2024 for its innovative approach to educational branding. This design successfully conveys the philosophy of propelling students to academic heights, emphasizing the effectiveness of the instructors' teaching strategies in tackling SAT problems with clarity and speed. The jury appreciated the strategic curriculum naming and the creation of engaging assets that aim to sustain students' interest in studying. Furthermore, recognizing top instructors as influencers and the cultural trend of merchandise collection, ist Studio's design cleverly incorporates cool design products to foster a learning culture. This comprehensive branding solution stood out for its ability to merge educational philosophy with modern design, making learning appealing and maintaining student engagement effectively.
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  1. Smart Washer Manual Bidet

  2. Aero Lite Wall Hung Shower Toilet

  3. MINIX The Flender Food Waste Disposer




  7. DURI donut portable baby potty

  8. S7


  10. DURI Portable Urinal

  11. PRO Feeding Series

  12. Candle Go

  13. GITD

  14. Birdhouse Toothpick Box

  15. Aircraft deicing equipment

  16. REall

  17. EZVIZ RE4 Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

  18. EZVIZ EP3x Pro Battery Powered Video Doorbell

  19. China Mobile RAX3000Me WiFi6 Router

  20. GROHE Pure RO System

  21. RainClick Combing Hand Shower

  22. kyu cloth

  23. MESH PAN

  24. SYNOPEX CRRT Hemodialysis Medical System

  25. LOOP

  26. Dream Shine Taoyuan Air Base Facilities

  27. HOTATA Ultra Thin and Embedded Clothes Dryer

  28. Enbio S Steam Autoclave


  30. ZFA Growth Ring Cosmetic Packaging

  31. Min FX

  32. Card cloud computer EC BA02

  33. Smart video device P2V

  34. kyu daypack

  35. CA002 series


  37. Durable Soundproof Timber Door

  38. PIEZO Physical Complex Therapy Device System

  39. Assemble Leg Orthosis

  40. Dewy


  42. Q Switch Nd YAG

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