Extra Form
Country China
Award Winner
Affiliation bibu Co.,Ltd.
Designer Jump Lee
English The brief called for a full-equipped pet service centre encompassing from pet food and supplies retail, boarding and caring, training to vet clinic. Accordingly, ofD conceived BIBU as a multifunctional “space ark”, and carefully divided the two-storey structure and 600-square-meter venue into multiple zones as specified by their different request in space and privacy, arranging the inviting ground floor for retail, upper mezzanine area for caring and the whole second floor space for veterinary. Meanwhile, café DOPPIO——featured as an eye-catching entrance——is slotted in to cater for customers’ waiting time and provide a platform for social.
Native 品牌方希望场地能涵盖用品销售、美容、酒店和诊所等全方位的宠物服务需求,ofD由此构想将bibu类比为一座多功能的“太空方舟”,在其两层结构和六百平方容积之内,根据区间所需的空间与私密性差异,由下至上划分出零售区、护理区以及宠物医院区域,并内置了兼为入口的咖啡厅Doppio,以满足顾客等候休憩与日常社交需求。功能构架之上,ofD更意图为顾客打造了一场穿梭于多时空的漫游体验,将致敬科幻经典《2001太空漫游》的视觉元素、具有太空时代风格和象征性的建筑语言以及重现复古未来主义美学观感的风格写照相结合,多重色调与细节配置跟随空间变动而调整,共同构造场所内流动的剧场感。 突破以往宠物店设计囿于功能主义的陈规,ofD提供了一种超前的设计视角去建构宠物空间。创意性引入“太空时代”为母题,以怀旧又实验性的风格表达诠释空间,希望空间体验能穿越当下的时空范畴,回溯过去并展望未来。
Website http://www.ofdsp.com/
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