Extra Form
Country China
Year 2023
Affiliation Shandong University of Art and Design
Designer Zhipeng Qiu, Yufeng Lin
English Most of the cribs on the existing market are in a relatively single state of use,the service life of the cribs is relatively short. This design attempts to extend the life of the crib through combination and separation. Through the chute structure and docking structure, the two chairs are combined into a crib.When the baby grows up, the crib can be converted into two leisure chairs and continue to function in the family. The design process fully considered the balance between the form and size of the crib and the chair.The product as a whole creates a gentle sense of wrapping and comfort, and cares for and accompanies the child like a mother.
Native 现有市面上的婴儿床大多数都呈现出较单一的使用状态,这种情况下婴儿床的使用寿命是比较短的,当婴儿长大后,婴儿床便只能闲置或丢弃。基于这个问题,此设计尝试以组合与拆分的方式延长婴儿床的使用寿命。通过滑槽结构及插接结构使两张椅子组合为婴儿床,而当婴儿长大后,婴儿床便可转换为两休闲椅,继续在家庭中发挥作用。设计过程中充分考虑了婴儿床与椅子之间关于形态、尺寸的平衡。产品整体营造出一种温柔的包裹感与舒适性,像母亲般对孩子进行呵护、陪伴。 这项设计采用的组合与拆分的方式,操作简便,更重要的是它提高了产品的使用价值,将资源做到更合理地利用。产品符合环保、可持续的发展理念,且不牺牲其外观美感、舒适性,为提升公众生活品质提出合理的解决方案。
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