The Sound of Length

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2023
Affiliation Yupeng Jiang
Designer Yupeng Jiang, Changjun Li
English For people with visual impairments, ordinary tape measures cannot be used because the scale on the ruler cannot be seen. "The Sound of Length" can convey the information of length to the user through the melody of the music. Its working principle is similar to the music box, replacing the traditional scales with small holes, and the holes in different positions in the process of pulling out the tape measure will drive the dial wheel to dial the comb to emit different tones, and the ten tones form a melody loop continuously. Users can get measure length based on the melody they hear when using the tape measure.
Native 卷尺是人们生活中常见的工具,但是对于视觉障碍的人来说,由于看不见尺子上的刻度,普通的卷尺无法使用。“听见长度”是一款专为视觉障碍人群设计的卷尺,它可以将长度的信息通过音乐的旋律传达给使用者。它的工作原理类似纸带八音盒,用小孔取代传统的刻度线,用户拉出尺条的过程中不同位置的孔会带动拨轮拨动音尺发出不同的音调,十种音调形成一段旋律,不断循环。用户可以根据使用卷尺时听到的旋律了解测量长度。新的设计将传统卷尺上的视觉信息转化为听觉信息,方便视觉障碍人士使用的同时优美的旋律也让使用的过程更加轻松愉快。产品边缘处采用了圆角处理避免用户使用时划伤,拉出尺带的手握处表面设计了圆点凸起可以帮助视障用户快速定位也起到防滑的作用。
Positive Comments
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