Extra Form
Country China
Year 2023
Affiliation Kingsons Bags Technology Co., Ltd.
Designer Dengtai Tan, FuChu Fu
English One-piece anti-theft backpack is an ingenious design with a double-layer explosion-proof zipper running through the whole bag, with level 5 cut-proof fabric, TSA code lock, lockable buckles, and RFID shielding technology to create a comprehensive anti-theft security system. Meanwhile, it realizes the conversion between three-dimensional contouring to a flat-folding one. The volume of the backpack after folding is reduced by 55 % relative to the original. It aims to solve user's travel items storage, property anti-theft, and space occupation for home storage.
Native 一链成型防盗背包是由一条双层防爆开拉链贯穿整体的巧妙设计,搭配5级防割面料、TSA密码锁、可锁扣具、RFID屏蔽技术,打造出全方位防盗安全系统。采用可折叠设计理念,立体与扁平状态可快速切换,背包扁平折叠后的体积,相对原来体积减少55 %,为用户居家存放节省空间,为生产制造减少包装材料浪费及降低运输成本。双向拉链设计,拉链开口可大可小,可在任意位置,储取物品具有较强灵活性。外观与功能相结合,一条曲线连接所有面,让外观简洁个性容易产生记忆,粗糙的布料肌理与金属搭配出硬朗的视觉感。斜插式外置充电技术,为用户电子设备充电提供方便。一链成型防盗背包旨在解决用户出行物品收纳、财物防盗、居家收纳占空间问题。
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