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Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2024
Affiliation CHUN ZHU Construction Limited company & Phototroph Engineering Consultants
English The site was an old paper mill belonging to Taiwan Sugar Corp. (Taisugar) The project transforms part of the strip space into a park with a total area of 1.1 hectares. Themed on the local characteristics of Pingtung, such as agricultural specialties and water resources. Water is a gentle image connecting the past, present, and future of Pingtung County throughout the park. Took the concept of local agricultural products to create amusement facilities with elements such as lemons, red beans, and onions, allowing children to strengthen their cultural awareness of Pingtung County through playing and sensory experiences.
Native 基地前身是國營事業台糖紙漿廠舊址,作品為挪用部分帶狀空間改造成縣市公園的案子,總占地1.1公頃,為了符合縣市印象,設計主題以屏東在地特色發展作為主軸,例如農產特品、以及水資源,所以設計端以復刻屏東地勢作為分區規劃,讓水成為貫穿整體公園的溫柔語彙,串聯屏東縣的過去、現在以及未來。 在主題遊具的部分,透過在地農特產作為設計構想,擷取檸檬、紅豆、洋蔥等元素轉變成為遊具特色,讓小朋友透過肢體玩樂與五感體驗,加強屏東縣的文化意識。在分區規劃的部份,按照屏東縣坡陡流急的地形特色打造出不同水量的趣味場域,諸如川、池、河等樣貌,讓民眾沿著路線由高至低,或由低至高行徑時,可以透過觀察沿途上的水量變化,了解屏東縣的地脈特色。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments This transformation of an old paper mill into a park, themed around Pingtung's agricultural specialties and water resources, has been highly praised for its innovative integration of local culture into recreational facilities. By using elements such as lemons, red beans, and onions in playground designs, the project not only offers a unique play experience but also educates children about their local heritage, effectively enhancing cultural awareness and connecting generations with the region's past, present, and future.
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  49. 17th MIDNIGHT

  50. Pink Dream

  51. Lingering Scent of Tea

  52. 75 Degree White

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