Extra Form
Country China
Year 2023
Affiliation Fourth Paradigm (Beijing) Data & Technology Co., Ltd.
Designer Yun Xu, Yongchao Liu, Man Zhang, Shaoxiong Bai
English The 4Paradigm is the pioneer and leader of the artificial intelligence industry, providing platform centered artificial intelligence solutions to enable enterprises to realize the rapid and large-scale implementation of artificial intelligence. The “4paradigm Sage AIOS” package is an enterprise level artificial intelligence operating system package for large enterprise clients. Through this package, clients can perceive the advanced nature of AI technology and the reliability of the products. With the combination of materials and innovative design, we can build a packaging experience with a "sense of future enterprise".
Native 第四范式是人工智能行业的先驱者与领导者,提供以平台为中心的人工智能解决方案。使企业实现人工智能快速规模化落地。4Paradigm Sage AIOS Package 是一套企业级的人工智能操作系统包装,面向的是大型企业客户。客户通过包装,能感知到人工智能技术的先进性及产品的可靠性。 通过材质与创新设计的结合,针对企业客户的特点和人工智能技术的特性,我们对设计风格进行了重新定义,继承了我们的品牌基因,我们用极致的银色、象征坚韧可靠的企业品质的青灰色纸、突破传统维度和边界的透明磨砂材质进行组合,诠释我们对于未来的视角,满足客户对于AI的想象,构建具有“未来企业感”的包装体验。 同时为了减少对环境的污染,我们尽可能的减少了纸质包装的消耗,优先采用可持续材料的包装,经久耐用,可反复开合,重复利用。
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