Extra Form
Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2024
Designer Teng Fa Yeh, Li Yu Chiao
English The name of the project, "Exclusive Aesthetics", comes from the themes of "sensory experience" and "art museum". They installed a fully automated smart home system in the social and private areas to achieve a comfortable and convenient living experience. Natural materials and meticulous craftsmanship make the perfect home for the client. The social area is defined as an art museum, while the private sphere is a private gallery. Combines the senses of touch, smell, sound, and sight. When life is surrounded by many artworks, one's heart can harmonize with aesthetics, enhance one's culture, and internalize one's attitude towards intellectualism.
Native 基地為中古屋,作品取名為「綰音御璽」,源自於空間設定的兩大主軸——五感體驗、藝術博物館,設計端根據業主對於音樂與藝術的追求與熱愛,在公私領域之中適當地安排與穿插相對應的元素,佈局全自動智慧家居系統,達到舒適便利性的生活機能,並藉由天然建材與細膩工法的層層遞進,帶出專屬業主性格的完美居所。 以公領域為藝術博物館、私領域以私人畫廊為場域主題,結合觸、嗅、聽、視、體感,打造和諧自然之音,傾洩於生活的不只是來自鋼琴的美妙旋律,更是人與人之間互動產生的和諧共鳴,當生活被眾多藝術品環繞時,內心可以與美學協奏,提升自身的文化涵養,並內化成自己對知性的態度,休憩時則被天然建材包圍,大地色澤與舒適耐看的設計,達到人生與自然環境舒適有度的共處的美好意象。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments "Exclusive Aesthetics" received high praise for blending smart home technology with natural materials and craftsmanship to create a living space that feels like an art museum. The design's focus on sensory experience and the division between public art spaces and private galleries impressed judges, elevating everyday living into a cultural and aesthetic journey.
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