Extra Form
Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2024
Affiliation CHAOYI Interior Design
Designer Ou Li Hao, Lei Wang Lin
English Uses a large number of rounded elements to outline the ceiling of each space, aiming to create a stress-free atmosphere and emphasize the theme. The softness of the arcs helps to guide the view and make the transition of each space look natural. The light strips in the walkway connect each of the individual spaces, giving them a more coordinated feel. The highlight is the two sides of the aisle, where the black mirror depicts a complete framework for the light strips, linking the public and private areas. The design not only alludes to the importance of harmony in a family but also to the importance of harmony between members.
Native 視覺上的串連,作品中可以看見設計端運用大量圓弧元素勾勒每一個場域的天花板,希望借由圓潤的弧形曲線營造出無壓的環境,並強調場域的主題性,柔美的線條有助於視線上的引導,讓每一個空間的過度都顯得融洽自然,最後透過過道的燈帶,串連起每一個獨立場域,讓空間更具協調性,其中亮點設計在於過道的兩側端景,利用黑鏡的反射將燈帶描繪出一個完整的框架,串起公、私領域,此一設計不僅暗喻著家庭除了在單獨的場域中要圓潤和諧相處以外,更要注重與成員之間的協調性。 屬於每個人的舒適空間,空間以明亮寬敞為主軸,每一個場域幾乎有著大面積落地窗的採光優勢,因此設計端利用日光充足的條件,在臨窗處安排臥榻、浴缸等機能設施,讓生活的享受因為有陽光的參與,變得更愜意舒適。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The use of rounded elements and ceiling designs has garnered acclaim for creating a serene atmosphere, naturally guiding transitions between spaces. The strategic placement of light strips and black mirrors along the walkway effectively unifies the design, accentuating the theme of family harmony. This approach not only enhances spatial aesthetics but also subtly reinforces the emotional connections within the home.
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  48. Divine Afflatus

  49. 17th MIDNIGHT

  50. Pink Dream

  51. Lingering Scent of Tea

  52. 75 Degree White

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